About the site

"Nota Bene" sits on the former Virtual Church website. One of the Virtual Church site's creators, Dr. Jean Kincaid, passed away unexpectedly in December of 2001. The webmaster and co-creator, Karen Geffert, decided to retire the original site, which had been a popular compendium of Christian resources and Bible stories since 1995. But due to many requests, Karen has revised the site in its last format. Visit the site at: www.virtualchurch.org/vchurch/"

Why "Nota Bene?" The Latin phrase (also known as N.B.) is a writer's notation used to direct attention to something important. The blog format is a natural progression from the original concept of the Virtual Church.

In her spare time, and when she is not blogging, Karen is developing a 3D adventure game with a Christian theme.

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