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Pick up a cup of coffee or help yourself to cookies. If you're looking for more substantial fare, we can point you to fine dining. Your turn to host the Sunday dinner? Check out the recipe links for ideas.

A site worth a visit whether you cook or just eat food others cook: Epicurious.Some of the many things this online magazine will show you include how to eat in front of others, set a great table, and how to fix the chicken and peas you have in your freezer.

Find a Restaurant

  • Vegetarian Restaurants--Information on vegetarian restaurants worldwide, classified by country.
  • Boston Restaurant List--Serving the greater Boston area; search by cuisine, neighborhood and more.
  • Bay Area Restaurant Guide--12,000 restaurants serving 55 different cuisines in 125 cities in 4 Bay Area counties.
  • Washington D.C. Restaurant Reviews by the Washingtonian. Classified by cuisine, price rating, and location. Also includes the 100 best bargin restaurants.
  • Want to locate a nice place to eat in the city of your choice? Ask the usenet news groups at
  • Dining Out on the Web is the starting point for all restaurant information on the Internet.




Tips from great cooks--their searchable database has 1,001 nuggets of kitchen wisdom from chefs who've learned the hard way. s site includes suggested meals, free recipes ideas and cooking tips emailed to you

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