The End Times: A Letter to My Friends

by John E. Wootton

I have always been a strong believer that a person's relationship with God is between that person and God.
 However, I have also believed that people should make their decisions based on the best information available.
Unfortunately, certain types of information has not been made readily available, in fact it has been suppressed.

 I believe that recent events (recent being over the past 40 years) have taken place which indicate that we are entering perilous times.  The following information is provided solely for your edification and consideration, not to coerce you, malign your intelligence and especially, to not effect our relationship in any negative matter.

 There has recently been a tremendous amount of information on the internet which has led many, many people to believe that the events of the past few years indicate that we are in fact in the very last days of the "end-time".
 Biblical scholars have historically assumed and argued that the year 2000 AD was going to be the year of the rapture, the return of Jesus Christ, based upon Biblical philosophical logic, i.e.  God created everything in six days and on the seventh day he rested.  To God one day is as a thousand years.

Man has striven (worked) to please God for 6000 Biblical years, [6 days]; 4000 for the Hebrews and 2000 for the Gentiles.
Jesus will rule the earth for 1000 years, [1 day] (the millennium) in peace, and all will live the way God wants us to (the lion shall lie down with the lamb);  the "Day" of rest.  The rapture and tribulation and the binding of Satan in chains will occur immediately before this.  Therefore the rapture will occur at the end of 6000 years, or in the year 2000 AD.

 Some of these opinions have been developed since the interpretation (or revealed understanding) of the Book of Daniel back in the 1980s; which gave us some comprehension concerning the dates and what the numbering of days meant in the book of Daniel,,,  God said, "the words are closed up and sealed to the time of the end".   The only problem with this has been identifying when the start date was, i.e.:  the actual date of the birth of Christ.  There is no argument amongst those who are studying this, that the time is within a few years of the year 2000, some thought as early as 1988, and some project it as late as 2007.

Bryon Wootton  (my father, for those of you who are receiving this who, unfortunately, did not know him) thought originally, that based on Mother Shipton's prophecy (1600s), that she could see nothing for the church after the year 1966, that 1966 was going to be the year of the rapture. That proved to be incorrect as we well  know. However, the events of the following year explained what she saw.  In 1967 the Israelis fought the 7 Day War, and regained control of Jerusalem.

 When "the Church" is mentioned in the Bible, it is speaking of the "Christian Church" (Gentiles) or the Ecclesia,  (in the Greek, ecclesia means "the called out ones");  the children of Israel are "the Chosen".  {{Messianic Jews get to be both!!}
 Jesus said that when Jerusalem is no longer trodden down by the Gentiles (1967), that we would be in the latter days.  He then said that  before that generation passed away, that all would be fulfilled. A Biblical generation is 40 years.

  *the age of the church (Gentiles) was over when the Jews regained possession of Jerusalem*
Jesus also said  concerning His return, "that no man knows the hour or the day, not even the Son of man, [himself]."
 However, God has never done anything without alerting His people first.
 Jesus also said that His return would be as in the days of Noah.
 This quotation along with the one above concerning Jerusalem no longer being trodden by the Gentiles, and that being the LAST generation are probably the most significant indicators that I have been able to identify concerning His return.

 Many of the prognosticators have been attempting to associate the rapture with one of the feast days.
 However, "in the days of Noah", there were no feast days, there were no Jews. People were marrying and giving in marriage, going on as if nothing was happening, (as gentiles) in spite of the fact that Noah was preaching the end was near and everyone was going to die unless they joined him in the ark.  Even Noah did not know the day this was going to take place. But he knew when the ark was finished, and he knew when all the animals where inside.   Even when he went inside he had to wait seven days before God shut the door, and then the rains began to fall. When he went inside, he didn't know he was going to have to wait seven days, or one, or twenty-one.

 Many people are attempting to predict the rapture in association with one of the feast days. I believe that the feast days have nothing to do with the return of Christ and the rapture.  The feast days are in the spring and fall, and are associated with Jewish religion, not the gentiles or Noah.
  He may return at any time, probably very soon; I get the impression that we are standing INSIDE the ark waiting for the door to be closed.
 The Bible tells us many things about the end times (latter days).  A few are;

  1.  That knowledge would abound.
  2. That our old men would have dreams and our children would prophecy.
  3.  That the Word would be spread to all the corners of the earth.
  4. That there would be wars and rumors of wars.
  5. That people would say "Peace and Safety and sudden destruction would come upon them", and   "Peace, Peace when there is no peace".  ( recent Wye plantation accords).
  6.  That His Spirit would be poured out on all flesh.
 I believe that all of these things have been fulfilled. I also believe that we can expect the rapture to occur at any time.
However, as Bryon Wootton said, " plant apple trees,  but do not plan on harvesting the fruit."
If you have argument against these things, that of course, is your business. If you concur, then I have not offended you, and I am pleased.

In receiving this missile, there are two qualifiers in affect,
 1. I believe that you believe in Jesus Christ, and
 2. I love you, and sincerely care for you.

I did not address this to anyone in particular, as it is going out to many people.

Readers are permitted and encouraged to print and share this article.