The Hem of Jesus' Garment
Mark 5:22-34
Issue of Blood
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One day a ruler of the people named Jairus came to Jesus and told him, "My little daughter is sick and she is about to die. Please come to my house and pray for her so that she does not die."

Jesus agreed to go to Jairus' house to pray for the little dying girl. On the way to Jairus' house a great many people crowded around Jesus, asking Him to touch them so that they might be healed of their sicknesses. Jesus had become famous throughout the land of Judea because he healed sick people with His word and even raised the dead.

On the edges of the crowd on that hot day was a woman who had been sick and bleeding for twelve years. She had been to see many doctors who had taken much money for their treatment. Still she became ever sicker until she was about to die. She had heard about Jesus and thought that if she could just get to Him she would be healed.

Nevertheless, Jesus was in the middle of a great crowd of yelling and pushing people who were trying to get to Jesus for their own needs. According to the laws of the land it was illegal for a woman who was bleeding to allow others to touch her. If they touched her they had to go through an elaborate cleansing process. If she pushed through that crowd to get to Jesus it would be necessary for her to jostle against other people. How angry they would become if she touched them.

She walked yearningly around the edge of the crowd. How she wished that she could get to Jesus. Maybe this would be her only chance. Perhaps she would be too sick to come outside if she waited any longer. The longer she watched and listened to Jesus teach the more she became convinced that she would be healed if she could touch Him. Even if she just could touch the border of His robe she was sure that she would be healed of this terrible sickness that made her feel so weak and tired that she thought she soon would die. Suddenly she made up her mind to get to Jesus no matter what other people thought. She got down to her hands and knees and crawled through the crowd of people on that dusty road. People pushed and stepped on her hands. She refused to give up. She kept crawling through the dust, finally stretching out her hand toward the hem of Jesus' robe. With trembling fingertips at last she was able to touch the bottom of the hem. Immediately she felt in her body that she was healed.

"Who touched me,:" Jesus called out.

"What do you mean, who touched you," replied Jesus' followers. There are people everywhere jostling and pushing against you. Many people are touching you"

"No, someone touched me with the hand of faith, for I felt power going from my body into another."

Trembling and afraid, the woman fell down at the feet of Jesus and said, "It was I who touched you, Master. I have been sick and bleeding for eighteen years and I knew that if I just touched the hem of your garment I should be healed. I have touched your garment, and now I am healed.!"

Jesus gazed at the woman with compassion and replied, "Daughter, your faith has made you whole. Go in peace and be whole of your disease."

From that time the woman was completely healed and continued to praise and worship God for His goodness to her.

Jesus continued on to Jairus' house only to find that Jairus' daughter already had died. Jesus commanded everyone to leave the room except for the parents of the dead little girl. Jesus then stretched out His hand and said, "Little girl, arise."

Immediately the little girl's spirit returned to her body and she opend her eyes. She sat up in bed, brought back from the dead and completely healed. Jesus had answered the prayers of Jairus.

Key Concepts:

      1. God rewards people by answering their requests when they pray in faith believing that He will answer their prayers.

      2. God loves everyones and He does not like to see people sick.

      3. Jesus came to take away our sins and sicknesses.

      4. When we have a need we should not give up but should continue to pray and believe until we receive the answer we need no matter how long it takes.